Süd-West Classic - Invitation
29. - 30. June 2018 in Balingen

Date of Event: Friday 22nd June 2018 and Saturday 23rd June 2018

Eligible cars: All cars that were built before 31st December 1986 and have a certificate of roadworthiness e.g
an MOT. The right of each crew/car to participate will be decided by a committee. The number of
participating cars is limited to 75. Motorbikes are not allowed.

Entry fee: The entry fee for a driver and co-driver is € 850.-. For this sum, the following items are included:
program booklet, a snack Friday afternoon, dinner Friday evening, late breakfast, lunch and dinner
on Saturday (including a bus transfer on Saturday evening), breakdown support vehicle,
Roadbook (regulations in English) rally plates and numbered stickers. Furthermore, a souvenir/gift
for each participant and prizes for the winners and runners up (those in placed positions).

Entry closing date: The entry closing date is 19th May 2018. Once your entry has been confirmed, from 4th June 2018
onwards, you will receive details of convenient hotels in the local area.

Time schedule: On Friday 22nd July 2018 between 8 am and 11.30 noon, scrutineering and administrative
checks will be conducted. The first car will start at 11.45 pm and return at 6 pm. On Saturday the
first car will start at 7.30 am and return at 4 pm. On both days the start and the finish will be in
The scheduled times scrutineering and administrative checks are mandatory.
The other specified times might change.

Evaluation Method:
The evaluation is based on a points system. On regularity test sections with secret timing points,
1 point for each 10th of a second difference, on regularity sections with known timing points, 1 point
for each 100th of a second difference (it is possible that some sections will use both of these
systems). The regularities will be run by using fixed average speeds or by using "benularity" tables.

Selection process: During the selection process, only those participants will be admitted who have submitted
a photograph of the car (by e-mail), a completely filled in application form and a cheque for the
entry fee. The entry fee may also be paid by bank transfer:

RSR Racing Services
IBAN: DE82 6535 1260 0134 0220 19
Refunding: For those participants who are not admitted, the entry fee will immediately be refunded. A refund
on any other grounds is not possible. Payment of the entry fee is considered to be a commitment.

The Team of RSR Racing Services and the "Historische Motorsport-Club Zollernalb" will be
proud to host you on the occasion of the Süd-West Classic 2018 - Discover Nature.

Organisation: RSR RACING SERVICES and Hist. Motorsport-Club Zollernalb e.V. im AvD
Westerwaldstr. 4
D-72336 Balingen
   Phone: +49 (0) 74 33 - 93 02 73
Fax: +49 (0) 74 33 - 93 02 74

Download PDF: SWC Invitation 2018

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